About our Training:

South Coast Hospice Association, not only offers palliative care for patients with life-threatening illnesses, it also provides TRAINING for its own staff and volunteers, other health care professionals and the community.

The South Coast Hospice Training Department has received accreditation from the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (H W S E T A) which provides learners with a nationally recognized certificate.

This department has also been appointed as a "Centre for Palliative Care Learning" by the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa (H P C A).

The Accredited training courses offered include:

  • Introduction to Palliative care;
  • Home-based Care Training, including gardening, nutrition and introduction to Antiretroviral Therapy as additional modules;
  • Dealing with Loss, Grief and Bereavement;
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention and Counseling;
  • Paediatric Palliative Care;
  • Distance Palliative Care Course for Professional and Enrolled Nurses;

Practical skills relating to the above mentioned training courses are also included in the module. As we have a fully functional Inpatient Unit, and home-based care teams, both in the Urban and rural area, the practical training is a hands on approach.

Mentorship workshops directed at community and faith-based organizations to build capacity and increase skills in the planning, managing and evaluating service delivery to the community to assist with start up.

 Learners, Please Take Note!

 Our Training Coordinator and a nursing Tutor (registered with S A N C) advise learners to only register with fully accredited and recognized training institutions with registered professionals to provide training.

Learners should beware of training institutions who promise employment after completion of the training.

Some of these training institutions may not be registered as a training provider or be fully accredited and do not have registered professionals to provide the training.

Certificates from training providers who are not registered or accredited are not recognized in the job market. Learners’ may find they have wasted their time and money on training courses which may not prove beneficial to them.

Learners have the right to request proof of accreditation for the course they have signed up for from:

Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (H W S E T A): website: www.hwseta.org.za or contact number: (031) 301-0223

Foundation for Professional Development (F P D), under the faculty of health sciences; website: www.foundation.co.za, Tel: (012) 816 9000 and;

Trainers’ status of registration with the South African Nursing Council (S A N C), website: www.sanc.co.za or contact number: (012) 420-1000.

South Coast Hospice‘s Training Department has received full accreditation by the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (H W S E T A) and the Distance Palliative Care course is registered with the F P D which provides learners undertaking training with a nationally recognized certificate.

The training department has also been appointed as, a Centre of Palliative Learning by the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa (H P C A).


Dirk van Reenen –Training Co-Ordinator for South Coast Hospice Association on 039 682 3031 for more details or to discuss you training needs.



 Learners that wish to enroll for any of the training courses offered by South Coast Hospice, registration for enrolment can only take place at the offices of South Coast Hospice in Port Shepstone, 29 Connor Street.