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How did 'Jenny's House' come to be?..........we would say out of Love!

Martin and Odette James, from Gauteng, opened up their hearts to Hospice in January this year. They contacted Caryl Peatt, a lifelong and respected Hospice volunteer, and very kindly, with her help, donated the Doll's house project together with 125 issues on how to construct the house to South Coast Hospice.

The James' objective and only request to us was to have the 'house' built in order to raise funding for our annual Tree of Light event which takes place on the 7th December 2013.

The task was on! Jenny Dickson was commandeered and very graciously offered her time to build the 'house' for Hospice and immediately got started.

Jenny had started an enormous project which requires both skill, dedication and attention to detail. Every piece of furniture was carefully constructed and positioned in the interior of the house. This project was certainly not for the fainthearted.

Our story saddens.........Jenny was diagnosed with Cancer and was unable to complete the project she so graciously accepted and owned. She sadly lost her battle with Cancer and passed away on 25 June 2013, leaving her husband, Graham behind, but not without the gratitude and privilege of having known this remarkable woman.

The story of the house has a good ending........Dot Donaldson, Jenny's friend and tutor, offered to complete the project on Jenny's behalf and on 10 September, Dot, brought the completed Doll's house to South Coast Hospice.

The Doll's House is now aptly known as 'Jenny's House', which is Jenny's Heart!

The photo's below are of the handover, taken in the Day Care Lounge at South Coast Hospice on the 10 September 2013, by Dot Donaldson to South Coast Hospice Fundraiser Bt King, Graham Dickson (Jenny's husband) and Caryl Peatt (respected Hospice volunteer).


Below is the plaque on the Tree of Remembrance in Memory of Jenny Dickson as seen here taken with her Husband Graham Dickson.